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Top 5 Crypto Games To Play This 2022 

The crypto world is opening new avenues for people to add extra dollars to their bank balances. You must already be aware of the risks involved in investing and staking in cryptocurrencies. You might run the risk of losing your hard-earned money. Well, if you want to make it safe and earn big money, play-to-earn games are all set to enthral and amaze you, providing you with excellent opportunities to earn huge money with low investment.   

The popularity of the crypto games has been gaining momentum in no time. Also known as a play-to-earn platform, the crypto gaming space has managed to surprise both newbie and professional crypto gamers with its unique gaming designs. And while many believe that only crypto enthusiasts will stick around, this mind-blowing list of top 5 NFT games guarantees that even non-gamers will bookmark it to learn about some interesting play-to-earn games available in the crypto world.

The Most Popular Crypto Games At A glance 

Are you curious which games can help you earn a considerable sum? We curated a list of the top 5 popular play-to-earn games that might fulfil your dream of becoming a millionaire.   


Decentraland was launched in 2017 with the help of an ICO and raised almost $24 million. The games take the gamers into a virtual reality world whereby they can create many beautiful items. You can buy and sell land in Decentraland, enabling you to earn money. The highest bid on virtual plots was sold at $900,000, pretty expensive than land in the real world. Besides buying land, you get the scope to build your dream space with art galleries, casinos and other kinds of content.   

Plant Vs Undead  

Here’s another game that helps a player enjoy the versatility and earn money. With its farm mode, you can earn in-game currency called light energy that ultimately takes you to PVU tokens. You can convert the Light Energy currency into a cryptocurrency token which can be traded on decentralized exchanges. Well, there’s a condition for earning LE, which is to perform farming activities like harvesting, watering plants and other activities undertaken on a farm. The game is operated with the use of the Binance Smart Chain.   

Axie Infinity  

Axie Infinity is the most popular play-to-earn game in crypto and is inspired by animated characters like Pokémon and Tamagotchi. You will find creatures with varying features and shapes. Players can raise, collect, breed or trade creatures who are known as Axies. These Axies are NFTs with varied strengths and attributes, and the gamers get an opportunity to upgrade the power of their Axies. A unique feature of the game is its earning of Small Love Potion, which one can use for breeding new Axies.  

The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is yet another blockchain game helping you earn well. The game intermingles the strength and capabilities of DAOs and NFTs to create a world where the gaming community can play and make digital assets. Like Decentraland, one can buy land or even rent stimulated homes; it differs from Decentraland in specific ways. With the use of blockchain technology, sandbox creates tokenomics and user-generated content. You can form an estate by combining different land plots, and this land grouping runs on a similar theme.   


Are you a sci-fi fan? Then MetaWars will surely thrill you with its unique features. Built on Binance Smart Chain, the game allows users to fully explore a space whereby they can undertake combat in the metaverse galaxy and earn a good amount. Players can carry out many activities like owning or creating space fleets and upgrading robots. As you succeed in any combat, you receive WARS, the native token of MetaWars. Staking the WARS is possible at auctions that help you earn a considerable sum.   

Blockchain technology is undergoing upgrades to enhance user experience. Well, you might get some ideas on the most popular play-to-earn games, so enjoy the games and earn millions. 

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