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Tokyo University Will Now Offer Metaverse Courses 

Metaverse will now make a significant impression on the educational sector. The University of Tokyo plans to offer metaverse courses, among others, to both adult workers and high school pupils. Through this new course, the University of Tokyo aims at familiarizing students with metaverse concepts. The University authorities view it as an opportunity for faculty and students to learn to handle digital revolutions in the educational sector and workplaces.   

Metaverse course paves the way for future education  

As per the reports released by local news, The Asahi Shimbun, the metaverse programs are not student-centric; instead, people from the workforce can also participate. The program will be run under the mentorship of the University’s engineering and engineering graduate school faculty. On course completion, students will get a certification.   

Besides offering education, Todai’s initiative will try to resolve the labor shortage faced by the technology industry. Officials at Tokyo University further stated that metaverse courses aim at breaking barriers of gender, status, location, and age from the educational front.   

The program will open new avenues for the participants because it will empower pupils in a wide array of genres like business education, innovative systems and next-gen learning. Efforts will be made to attract more women to study engineering since the current lack of female representation in the field has been identified as an issue.

Metaverse and its impact on learning  

The world is heading towards virtual space! You must all agree with this statement. The host of possibilities that the metaverse can offer is encouraging institutions and businesses to include it in their system. The pandemic has already begun the trend of online classes; metaverse courses are another wing addition. Focusing on metaverse-based learning will prove pretty opportunistic and convenient for students who can learn in the comfort of their homes.   

The growing prominence of the web3 platform is paving the way for pathbreaking innovation. We believe learning in a virtual space can help students understand metaverse’s relevance and how it functions. 

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