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The Top 5 Viral NFTs Getting Massive Public Attention

The booming non-fungible tokens are owned by the elite class and are made with blockchain technology to ensure their originality, safety and security. People are going crazy about it and are ready to invest dollars that undermine the relevance of these tokens. If you intend to sell or buy these tokens, you must know about the top 5 viral NFTs getting massive public attention in the market.

As far as the usage of NFTs is concerned, you can use them as a fancy collectible, add them as reliability proof in credentials or even treat them as a trackable material in industries.

Bored Aped Yacht Club

The BAYC (Bored Aped Yacht Club) is one of the most famous and costliest NFTs. Many celebrities from the entertainment industry to sports have invested in this collection. This collection has 10,000 unique characters decorated with varied backgrounds, accessories and characteristics. The bored ape collection grabbed instant attention since its launch. It was sold at a high price, making it one of the most valuable and famous collections.

Cool cats

The next collection creating hype in NFT is cool cats found in the Ethereum blockchain. The blue cat animation inspired this series and was launched in June 2021. You will find cats appearing in varying facial expressions, apparel and characteristics. Amongst the cat characters, the zombie cat received the highest bid, it was sold at USD 3.5 billion. Of the few celebrities, you will be happy to know that Mike Tyson is one such to own this collection.


The CryptoPunks collection launched in 2017 and created buzz instantly. This collection comprises 10,000 tokens, and each has a variety of elements, right from zombies and aliens to apes. A unique feature one may find concerning the background of these punks is that their color indicates the status of the collection, for eg., red means the collection is for sale and purple means you can bid for it.


Doodle art is something people cherish the most, and its popularity reached NFT too. Almost 10,000 animated figures are illustrated in the Doodles collection. Suppose you even look for the cheapest one in this collection, it will cost you about 15 ETH, indicating its popularity. The collection contains various characters that include cats, aliens, apes and Skelley’s. The animated figures are accessorized with funky heads, costumes, goggles etc. to add fun and wonder.


Azuki, the famous collection of anime characters, is wonderfully represented on the NFT platform. It is inspired by the anime characters loved by children and adults alike. The animated characters decorated with unique features seek a spectator’s attention instantly. It has been regarded as one of the most popular and costliest collections ever. You have to spend a minimum of 26 ETH to buy an Azuki collection, and its price rises up to 420 ETH.

So, here was the list of some of the best and most expensive NFT collections for your reference. A fair amount of risk is associated with NFTs; get an expert opinion before investing in them. The non-fungible tokens are paving the way for a beautiful range of digital arts that are helping people earn.

As a passionate content writer, she is always eager to explore new topics. Through her blogs on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), she intends to help newbies gain a better understanding of the crypto world.


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