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Sandbox Hosts A Grand Fairy Tale Metaverse Wedding 

Sandbox hosted its first ever metaverse wedding; the fairytale nuptial ceremony was set in the beautiful Alkaff mansion in Singapore. Well, it was not solely a VR wedding; instead, it even took place in real life, whereby the bride-groom and wedding guests were present at the physical venue. Lately, innovations in VR platforms are becoming commonplace, opening new possibilities which might seem unimaginative in the real world.  

Sandbox’s First Eloquent Metaverse Wedding  

Sandbox joined leagues with a web3 web design firm, Smobler Studios, to raise the standard of metaverse by curating a beautiful harmony between the real and virtual world. Clarence Clan and Joanne Tham became the first lucky couple to take wedding vows in a VR space; it was an enthralling experience for them.   

The wedding venue had a complete transformation into a ’70s disco theme. The Alkaff mansion looked spectacular both in virtual and real life as it was adorned with broad balustrade stairways, expansive porches and verdant canopies. For designing the virtual venue, Smobler Studios took great initiative in recreating the Alkaff mansion on the metaverse. The custom avatars dressed in 70s style grooved to the disco wedding evening.   

The avatar couple embarked on a beautiful journey of their life with a virtual kiss. As the nuptial ceremony ended, the couple and wedding guests enjoyed other functions in real life.   

Is Metaverse Wedding The Future?  

Generally, people weave a lot of aspirations and dreams with their wedding day; some remain difficult to fulfil in real life. However, metaverse weddings open new avenues for couples to customize their special day exactly as they dreamt. The pandemic times taught all a lesson on the power of the digital world; weddings can be a new possibility.   

The best part is that guests across the globe can attend metaverse weddings conveniently; it’s breaking geographical barriers. According to the co-founder of Smobler Studios, the team felt elated to create a replica of the famous Alkaff mansion to host the wedding of Clarence and Joanne.   

It won’t be wrong to say that metaverse weddings can be the future, whereby couples could turn their fanatical desires into virtual reality. Let’s see how other couples uniquely explore this platform to plan their special days.    


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