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Rumor Or A Fact -Yuga Labs Launching Mecha Ape!  

The crypto market is always buzzing with attention-grabbing and controversial news. Recently, Yuga Labs, BAYC creators, caught the attention of the NFT community with a rumor that they would launch their Mecha Ape collection and determined to raise $50 million.

The news was first reported by Protos, a crypto media firm which mentioned a new project by the creators of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club. After the report spread like wildfire, the NFT firm came up with a reply, claiming it to be a rumor.   

Yuga labs and their Mecha ape NFT controversy  

The Yuga labs, who created one of the famous and high bidders NFTs like BAYC, Bored Apes Kennel Club and Mutant Apes Yach Club, made headlines with their launch of Mecha Apes. A leaked report on Sep 15 revealed the company’s plan to raise almost $50 million with the new collection.   

Per Protos reports, Yuga labs could sell 100,000 tokenized land worth over $50 million and potentially add huge revenues into their account. The NFT community weren’t shocked as the news started pouring because Yuga labs have a track record of acquiring billions from digital assets since its launch.   

Yuga labs denied Mecha ape launch  

Greg Solana, the co-founder at Yuga Labs, refuted any reports claiming the company’s Mecha project; he calls it a hoax. Alongside the claim, a report was attached whereby a roadmap concerning the new project raised brows. When presenting facts regarding the anticipation, the NFT firm said the roadmap was outdated and belonged to one of their past projects.   

However, pieces of the alleged NFT have been featured in Otherdeeds as an artefact. Even after the lab’s statement, the NFT community is still not convinced as the firm, from time to time, indulges in metaverse and NFT projects which can yield massive revenue.  

Suppose we closely monitor the lab’s progress since its launch of BAYC. In that case, we will find the firm is continuously achieving incredible feats and is actively involved in revolutionary NFT projects. So, keep your keen eyes on the firm’s upcoming collection. 


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