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Rewinding Popular NFTs Of The Renowned Bollywood Singers 


Everyone seems to be under the magic spell of non-fungible tokens, from top actors and models to Bollywood singers. India is perhaps the only country where actors and actresses are preached. It gives celebrities a great chance to connect with their die-hard fans through owning, creating or promoting digital art.Among the celebrity NFTs, our blog will discuss the three famous singers who won hearts with their magical voices.  Like their songs, even the NFTs they released got lots of love from their fans.

Let’s explore them…..  

Bollywood singers and their famous digital art collections  

Here’s a list of the top three Bollywood singers who launched NFTs of their songs and offered fans a new way to connect with them.  

Kumar Sanu  

Kumar Sanu, the most celebrated 90s singer, is a world record holder for singing 28 songs in a single day. His romantic songs are still cherished and listened to by people worldwide. His NFTs, since their launch, have been getting massive traction from the masses. The melody king collaborated with FlamingoNFT to release his digital art collection. Sanu’s digitized assets featured his life’s first audition, a few unreleased songs and a small clip on his journey as a singer. When elucidating on the project, the singer said digital art opens new possibilities for singers to directly connect with fans. As an artist, he finds the web3 platform pretty opportunistic.   

SP Balasubrahmanyam  

The famous singer SP Balasubhrahmanyan is one of the biggest legends in Indian music; his contribution to Hindi and south-Indian movies were remarkable. This legendary singer passed away in September 2020, leaving the music world in a state of profound grief. However, though the world can never listen to his live magical performances, his masterpieces will forever remain in the form of NFTs.   

The digitized asset offered a golden chance to his fans to enjoy the last track he recorded weeks before he passed away. Diginoor, an entertainment NFT marketplace, took this fantastic initiative to launch the unreleased son of the legend. NFT holders get the chance to reproduce and adapt it in different manners, a rare scope offered by any NFT creator.   

Sonu Nigam  

Whenever we mention names of Bollywood singers whose songs give a soothing feeling, the name Sonu Nigam comes to the fore. His love-lorn melodies and heart-wrenching sad songs had always found a special place in every music lover’s heart. His NFT collection featured the singer’s first-ever English track, “Hall of Fame”.   

Sonu Nigam collaborated with JetSynthesys to curate this wonderful project. Besides his English debut song, the NFTs also comprise diaries of lyrics related to famous songs and some images. When asked about the project, the Vice Chairman of JetSynthesys said that the project has been a desire for a long time and now its release is pretty exciting. The firm is hopeful that more digital art projects will help Bollywood singers reach a global audience because Indian music has always been in demand.   

We hope you enjoyed the list of NFT released by the top three Bollywood singers. Digital art has succeeded in breaking regional boundaries and helped artists establish a robust and direct connection with their fans.   


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