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Razzlekhan Accused Rapper In Bitfinex Scam Opens Up Post Bail 

The rapper Heather Morgan, popularly known as Razzlekhan and her husband Llya Lichtenstein was arrested in a money laundering scam in February 2022. The couple acquired 94,636 bitcoins as per US police reports; well, Morgan recently got bail while her husband is still in custody. Immediately after release, the rapper took to his Twitter account to provide clarification of her zero involvement in any scam.  

Morgan, before her arrest, was an amateur rapper and contributor to Forbes in the cybersecurity field. The hack of almost $72 million in connection with Bitfinex landed in legal trouble.   

Razzlekhan attempts to clear her image  

Heather Morgan, a prime accused in the money laundering case, got respite. Morgan denies accusations of being actively involved in endorsing NFT or crypto projects. The scam probably ruined her image, which made her attempt to appear crystal clean. After her release, she tweeted for her fans, claiming she was not part of any crypto or NFT forgery.   

Just a few days before her arrest, Morgan launched a single “bleeding buckets” on Spotify. The rapper’s tweet was short but appealed to fans worldwide. She goes about by mentioning that any scam which includes her name should be treated as fake. Well, investigations revealed that the rapper and her husband were looting millions, and now her statement can be taken as a dire attempt to build a mutilated reputation.  

Looking back at the couple’s crime  

The couple got much media attention when police invaded their residence and got substantial proof of their involvement in scams. Investigators found over $40k cash, heater phones, gold coins, international money and two hollowed-out publications. The FBI suspects them of other serious charges, including creating fake online accounts, transferring bitcoin into other crypto assets, and involvement in spam web exchanges.  

Morgan once had a great fan following as her raps were loved by people worldwide. Alongside singing, she worked for different columns related to technology and money fraud in Forbes.   

The couple’s fate is yet to be decided by the federal court as their case is ongoing. The wife got bail and has permission to land up in any employment while the husband awaits trial.   

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