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Prince Of Serbia Made a Shocking Revelation About Bitcoin 

Prince of Serbia, Philip Karageorgevitch, talked sportingly about bitcoin and commented on its mass adoption by every country. Being a bitcoin advocate, the prince firmly believes the currency will soon gain the reputation of global acceptance. Earlier in an interview, he stated that bitcoin should be adopted only in Arab countries. However, now the prince clarified that his reference was to all countries.   

Philip views bitcoin as the best currency for Islamic countries because it is perfect “sharia money”. Islamic law, known as sharia and has its origin in Quran teachings, evaluates if something is permissible or not. Since the prince’s podcast revealed his opinion on bitcoin as sharia money, several speculations started pouring. People commented that if the Arab prince talks about adopting bitcoin, then the whole Arab country will include it in the monetary system.   

In an interview in March 2022, the prince made the revelation on bitcoin by elucidating the difference between crypto and bitcoin. He commented in the chat show that “Bitcoin is freedom”. When interacting with Cointelegraph in an interview, the prince couldn’t assure which countries would first adopt the crypto; however, he said it’s bound to happen.   

Let’s go as per bitcoin adoption in countries. EI Salvador, the Central African Republic, has become the world’s first-ever country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Nayib Bukele chalks out a reflective yet controversial bitcoin-based economic plan.   

To validate his statement on bitcoin, Philip linked the use of bitcoin as sharia money with the host of benefits it will offer. Nearly 5 million Serbs stay outside their home country and often transfer money to their near and dear ones; with bitcoin’s adoption, people can instantly send money without any middleman. The use of crypto might help boost the country’s economy.   

It’s still not yet confirmed whether the cryptocurrency will be adopted globally. However, revolutionary upgrades in the digital currency’s ecosystem might enable countries to take a stand for cryptocurrency.   

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