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Metascreen To Launch The First Indian Movie Mithila Makhaan 

Great news for the NFT enthusiasts! They can now watch movies using NFTs in the form of movie tickets. Yes, you read it right. SquirrelVerse recently announced the launch of MetaScreen. Mithila Makhaan, the award-winning national movie, will be the first Indian movie to make its debut on MetaScreen.  

“Producer Sameer Kumar is excited that Mithila Makhaan will be the first Indian film to make its debut in NFT”. 

Now, what is this MetaScreen? It’s a platform that will allow users to buy NFTs to watch movies. Besides acting as a virtual ticket counter, MetaScreen will enable artists to exhibit their art forms, from poems to film. By showcasing their talent, they can earn by trading royalties on this platform.  

At the launch, Pradeep Singh, CEO & founder of SquirrelVerse, discussed the aim and utility of this lucrative virtual platform. The driving force behind its introduction is to make the Web3 accessible to everyone and offer a helping hand to talented digital artists.  

Metaverse is believed to serve as a purposeful platform for digital creators who could earn millions through unique content. A prime advantage of NFT artists is they have complete ownership over their artwork because MetaScreen eliminated a third-party involvement in content creation and its trading. 

As per reports, SquirrelVerse is further planning to build a broader and better ecosystem in the future. Experts believe that MetaScreen will allow NFTs to gain greater prominence by offering career opportunities to skilled digital artisans. They act as a backbone for metaverse commerce with such an extraordinary attempt. 

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