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Melania Trump Surprises People With A Wonderful NFT Christmas Gift 


This Christmas will be different and enthralling for NFT fans as Melania Trump plans to unbox gifts in the form of digital arts. The former first lady feels delighted and excited to curate beautiful digital Christmas ornaments; the NFTs will indeed reflect the artistic skills of Mrs Trump. Per reports, her gifting idea has an underlying philanthropic motive.   

Melania Trump and her handcrafted collection  

Melania Trump portrays an ardent desire to spread happiness, hope and positivity this festive season, and art is perhaps the best form of expression. When shedding some light on her new project, she revealed that as the world enters into a new year, the Christmas star ornament will give people a reason to cherish and provide a fresh start to a new milestone in their life.    

As Mrs Trump curated ornaments with a philanthropic objective, she chose Solana for minting the token because the blockchain uses an eco-friendly mechanism. Her collection features six Christmas ornaments designed most traditionally and is sold through USA Memorabilia. In fact, the collection will carry her signature, which offers a kind of authenticity to the art pieces.   

Handcrafted ornaments range from $35 to $45, and a part of the revenue acquired from their sale will go to “Fostering the Future”, an initiative to support children’s education through scholarships. Melania, in an interview with Fox News, said that the holders of these digital arts could resell them and earn good revenue.   

Melania Trump attaches a lot of hope and confidence as she believes people will show a lot of love for her NFT. The market for non-fungible tokens has always generated hype due to celebrity endorsements or big names associated with them. Another reason digital art is gradually replacing real-life artistic pieces is that they carry the tag of authenticity and ownership. Furthermore, digital art connects artists directly with their fans; in fact, the creator earns revenue as there’s no third party involved.   

To embrace the Christmas gift effortlessly prepared by Melania, visit MelaniaTrump.com; you can pre-order this exclusive collection from Sep 15, 2022.   


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