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Mark Cuban Calls Dogecoin A Potential Crypto Than Cardano 

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and a famous face on ABC’s Shark Tank, commented on the potential of dogecoin in the crypto market. He also made quite a jarring view about Cardano. In a podcast show, he shared his opinions on crypto, especially dogecoin. The entrepreneur further supported his statement by musing over the differences between Cardano and Dogecoin.   

According to Cuban, the meme coin, unlike any other cryptocurrency like Cardano or Ethereum, has a wide array of use cases, making it a utility asset. He emphasized DOGE’s potential as a mode of exchange and called it the most robust of all cryptocurrencies.   

Mark Cuban Views Dogecoin As The Best Crypto  

Dogecoin seems to catch the attention of top entrepreneurs and some celebrities; the prime reason is its use in multiple sectors. While eulogizing meme coin, the Dallas Maverick owner admits the Cardano network will enable developers to build next-gen applications. However, any productive initiative is yet to be taken.   

Cuban expressed concern over the low number of transactions on the Cardano blockchain. He believes this indicates that Africans are not using the network as much as they had hoped. The enterpreneur said: “I guess the people in Africa are not using (Cardano) as much as they expected because you don’t see the transactions, you don’t see the fees.”  

When criticizing Cardano, Shark Tank star reveals dogecoin got better applications till dogecoins transformed into a platform for application; Cardano could try their luck to survive. The entrepreneur’s judgment of a cryptocurrency relies on its market cap as he believes it to be crypto’s ultimate indicator.   

The meme coin, which was created to poke fun at the crypto community, has now gained prominence because of its utility value. Besides Cuban, Elon Musk is another biggest supporter of the meme coin as he offers constant support to the crypto from time to time. His firm Tesla accepts DOGE as a mode of payment.   

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