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Madonna’s Nude NFTs Remains The Most Controversial Digital Arts Of 2022 


If we search for the most controversial NFTs of 2022, our minds will definitely flash to Madonna’s nude NFTs. The singer has undoubtedly impressed people worldwide with her iconic songs for decades; however, the digital art collection featuring an image of her vagina sparked strings of controversies. Since its release, the pop star bagged hateful comments from critics and fans alike. Some praised the art, while many called it cheap attention-seeking tactics.   

Madonna’s nude NFT and unending controversy  

The collection was launched when the crypto market was dominated by stablecoins and their unstable nature. Beeple, the NFT artist and Madonna took this period as an opportunity to show the crypto community something crazy and unconventional, encouraging them to come up with 3D scans of the singer’s vagina.   

The NFTs showed the outgrowth of trees, butterflies and robot centipedes from the singer’s vagina; it becomes an allegory of mother nature giving birth. As soon as the collection was launched, it broiled both good and bad criticism. A Twitter user calls the collection highly inspiring and hopes to buy it someday. In contrast, another user said he “absolutely hates” digital art. Amidst all the negativities, Madonna’s nude NFTs were sold at high rates and are still pretty popular today.   

Madonna backfires at the hateful comments  

As hatred started pouring into Madonna’s nude NFTs, the pop sensation defended herself by saying that it’s art representing women giving birth, a common situation every woman undergoes. She further noted that the concept lies in curating a beautiful allegory of motherhood and creation. Madonna, in an Instagram post, mentioned that she firmly believes people need to consider the hard work and thought process connected with the project.   

In an ironic tone, she commented, it’s not that centipede often crawls over my vagina. On elucidating on the project, the singer praises Beeple for developing the concept of women with a tree, a symbol of life.   

All in all, the digital art project featuring Madonna’s nude NFTs represents the concept of a child entering the world through a woman’s vagina; it’s something similar to an artist giving birth to his creation.   


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