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Is Sex-to-earn App Another New Revolution In Crypto Industry? 


Sex-to-earn is yet another possibility driving people towards this ever-booming crypto industry. Every year, a new project amazes the crypto community with its usability, convenience and lucrative aspects. Recently an app which has been generating hype among investors is SEXN. This app is pretty similar to STEPN, which is a move-to-earn application. As the name suggests, SEXN allows people to earn from sexual activity.   

The crypto app creates a unique harmony between the two most significant human necessities: money and sex. The firm aims to undermine that SEXN is quite a lucrative application that will help people earn good cash.   

How Sex-to-earn works?  

Like any play-to-earn game, SEXN expects users to complete specific tasks to earn rewards in NFTs and crypto. You must first download the app and connect with your crypto wallet to start earning. Once you log into the app, your first task is to buy NFTs that will lead you to various types of tokens like SOT (Sex Organ Token). The non-fungible token helps you earn crypto from different modes, and they are:  

  • Sadism & Masochism mode: This mode is mainly made due to huge community requests. To access the feature, one needs to undergo an entry exam. However, the creators do not reveal details about the test to the general public.  
  • Super mode: This mode is accessible to people who indulge in frequent sex sessions.  
  • Coitus mode: The coitus mode offers you protection during sex as with this mode, you can earn a condom NFT.   
  • Masturbation mode: Under this mode, you won’t be able to earn more crypto. Furthermore, an ordinary tracking bracelet will do more than a fancy one.   

The app uses a tracking device like a watch or bracelet, which you should use when having sex. The device uses a biometric that measures whether a person is indulging in sex or not, based on which offers them an amount.   

Is SEXN revolutionizing the crypto market? 

SEXN is a new app launched in June 2022, and since it came out, there has been a good fan base. The firm sold a large number of NFTs in the form of cartoon condoms, priced around$259 USD. It developed a governance token, $SST, which raised almost $125,000, a remarkable achievement. Well, as the app attaches a claim of earning through sex, some market analysts call it vague because they find it lacks real-world value.   

At the time of its launch, some researchers approached the admin of this sex-to-earn company to gather information on the kind of technology they use. They revealed the use of GPS sensors fitted into wearables helps them understand the differences between sex and any other sporting activity.   

Based on breathing and heart rate curves, the firm pays the user. This data prevents an individual from offering a wrong impression about sex by running or involving in activities that lead to sweating or body movement.    

Well, few view the app as invading a person’s sexual life information which might result in security issues. If we keep aside the privacy issue, the sex-to-earn app can be called a good way to earn cryptocurrencies.   

As a passionate content writer, she is always eager to explore new topics. Through her blogs on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), she intends to help newbies gain a better understanding of the crypto world.


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