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Gucci Now Accepts ApeCoin! A Cherishing Moment For APECOIN Community! 

Italian fashion giant Gucci aroused excitement and merriment among the crypto community with its decision to accept ApeCoin as a mode of payment. Acceptance from a top brand like Gucci will prove an image maker for BAYC and Yuga labs, the creators behind the native coin APE. The NFT firm was under the scanner of a law firm which convicted them for misusing promotional tactics. Experts opine that the project will gain better exposure, meaning the currency might rise in value. Gucci earlier included 12 cryptocurrencies in their payment system.   

Yuga Lab earns reputability from the crypto community  

APE is a native currency of BAYC, created by Yuga Labs; the currency has always been associated with big names like Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton and many more. Few know that the currency is also a utility and governance token for Apecoin DAO; it might serve as a prime reason that luxury brands collaborate with it.   

Gucci took to Twitter to announce it accepts ApeCoin through BitPay in the boutiques nestled in the United States. The brand calls it another initiative to explore the utility of Web3. To date, Gucci successfully collaborated with different NFT spaces.  


The brand’s announcement came just after Tiffany & Co decided on a handcrafted pendant drop inspired by CryptoPunks, a Yuga lab creation. Back-to-back brand support will strengthen the currency’s foothold in the crypto market.   

The currency’s utility lies in its incorporation in multiple projects like games or services, which is why more business enterprises are showcasing their interest in APE. Hopefully, Gucci’s initiative will help the Yuga lab to undertake development processes to make the native coin boom the crypto market. 

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