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Girles Token Succeeded In Raising A Historic 1.2 Million In Pre-sale  


Girles token, an emerging NFT Gamefi crypto which operates on Ethereum, recently collected over 1.2 million in a pre-sale. The token is created by Girles metaverse, which comprises staking contracts, NFT metaverse and P2E alliance. Since its pre-sale began, investors have displayed an excessive interest in buying the token mainly because of its conducting multiple functions.   

Girles Metaverse opening new possibilities for crypto investors  

Girles metaverse emerges as a unique and profitable project that can help investors earn real money. The creators have initiated steps to ensure their platform is not merely a collection of digital images. Instead, it should be a space whereby people can play games, buy NFTs or sell digital art and earn money.   

On burning non-fungible tokens, users get an opportunity to earn exclusive bonuses. The developer team is working hard to improve their platform by deploying a KYC system to curb illegal activities. They are even aiming to develop a P2E server on Minecraft that will offer an excellent platform for users to earn real money. As Minecraft is a prevalent gaming platform, the integration will help Girles metaverse attract a larger crypto community.   

Girles token excites investors with unique features  

Girles token offers you a wonderful tour of a whole world of gaming, staking and trading. The NFT holders can even stake earned tokens to collect more and use them to buy different types of products in the Girles metaverse. Here are some attractive features one can get by buying Girles tokens.  

  • Protected code  

The NFT marketplace often becomes an easy target for cyberattacks which is why Girles metaverse operators used high-end security measures. Their security protocol includes auto-burning, non-mintable, backlist and many more.  

  • Staking contracts  

Holders can get a golden chance to earn more tokens in case they wish to stake all their purchased NFTs. Investors remain in a win-win situation with the Girles token.   

  • P2E alliance  

The metaverse space offers NFT holders an excellent opportunity to access some play-to-earn games and receive tokens. You can enjoy a fantastic gaming experience on their free-to-play servers.   

  • Constant growth  

The investors get peace of mind as they can experience their portfolio growing. A part of the token fee is sent automatically to the liquidity pool.  

  • Anti-whale function   

It is often noticed that the price of tokenized assets gets affected by some large holders. The Anti-Whale feature was built to prevent large holders from controlling the token price.  

  • NFT metaverse  

The primary characteristic that differentiates this space from any other NFT marketplace is that the Girles token allows users to buy pieces of lang alongside artworks.   

Should you invest in Girles token?  

The Girles token conducted its pre-sale at the end of September 2022, and within a short span, it received lots of love from investors. The pre-sale comprised five stages, and the token’s price increased in each stage. Crypto’s dipping market has lately frustrated investors. In this phase, the NFT project brought a fresh lease of hope for the crypto community.   

Suppose you plan to invest in a crypto product that will guarantee you profit. In that case, this token is a must-try because the project is developing almost 15 products. Per experts, the token will soar high in future, and because it is not only a meme coin, it will also experience good market growth.   

The pre-sale is going on, and till now it has garnered almost 1.2 million, so if you want to invest in this emerging token, please visit https://girles.org/presale.   

As a passionate content writer, she is always eager to explore new topics. Through her blogs on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), she intends to help newbies gain a better understanding of the crypto world.


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