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Frida Kahlo’s Exquisite And Memorable Art Is Now On Metaverse 

The most celebrated Mexican painter Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon’s exquisite art pieces will now find a permanent place in the metaverse. Besides showcasing her artistic masterpieces, you can get a part of her personal stories, which will be uploaded in digitized form on the blockchain. For this project, Frida Kahlo’s family has joined leagues with Ezel. Life, the collection is popularly called “Red House”.   

The Red House represents a replica of never seen art and some inspiring life stories of the artist. The content was released at the metaverse art week; it’s certainly a treat for her ardent followers.   

When elucidating on the project, Ezel’s cofounder, Luke McFarlane, said they attempt to offer people a glimpse of the Mexican painter’s life, struggles, and passion. The “Red House” relates to the actual red house accommodated by Kahlo’s family in Mexico City. Per reports, the metaverse version of the house will portray each room as a representation of the celebrated artist’s little-known life stories. It will excite and thrill people by showcasing the life of Frida Kahlo before she got involved in a relationship with the famous painter Diego Rivera.   

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Pedro Quinzanos Cancino, Ezel’s cofounder, said that at the time of this project’s conceptualization, the family put certain restrictions on revealing certain parts of Kahlo’s life.   

Despite restrictions, Ezel. Life succeeded in curating a space in the metaverse featuring the Mexican painter’s mesmerizing artworks on revolution against women’s rights, gender equality and her challenging life.   

To transform the user’s experience into a memorable and exciting one, the creators gathered 800 pieces hailing from the painter’s life, like artworks, sketches and her day-to-day life. High-resolution images were created using the scanning method, which finally appeared as a beautiful carousel of videos and images on the metaverse.   

Gradually blockchain is breaking ground for evolutionary projects and enabling creators to experiment with their skills and expertise.   

To explore the life and art of Frida Kahlo, visit https://ezel.life/red-house-frida-kahlo/ and register to get free NFT.  

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