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Ethereum Undertook Tests For Its Revolutionary Merger This August

Ethereum will soon undergo a revolutionary transformation from proof-of-work to the proof-of-stake model. Experts believe that the new upgrade will prove fruitful for its market capitalization. Investors might see an increase in price following the new Ethereum’s launch. To make the initiative eventful, recently, the developers conducted a test merger.  

A significant concern that developers and users felt was excessive power consumption, which threatened the environment’s sustainability. This historic switch to proof of stake will help improve transaction speed without too much power consumption.   

Though many components influence ETH price, staking issuing of ETH per block will reduce by 80%. Therefore, the transaction will speed up, which will result in increasing demand among crypto enthusiasts. The merge might curb the hefty gas fees. 

Soon after the test, Tim Beiko, one of the developers at Ethereum, tweeted that the transition to staking conducted on Ropsten testnet succeeded; he called it a ‘dress rehearsal’ before the merger. Besides occasional ups and downs in ETH’s price, experts offer differing opinions on the price effect due to the transformation initiative.   

The August merge will determine whether ETH will undergo a hike or prove non-lucrative for the crypto investors. Certain speculations surround security or technical issues that might occur due to such a massive upgrade. The crypto market’s hope lies in the success of this transformation from mining to staking.   

What does this merge mean for investors? 

Ethereum blockchain’s shift to staking raises questions among investors and stakeholders alike. The entire crypto community eagerly waits for the historic merge. If we analyze Ether’s price, it’s low following the merge. According to the bullish analysts, Ether could register a price rise as investors might gain confidence due to the success of the merger test.   

As we all know about cryptocurrency’s high-volatile aspect, investors should never get tempted when the market throws positive signals. However, the new Ethereum version will surely bring a positive outcome for the investors and stakeholders because it will consume less power and offer better functionality. However, that doesn’t give you the liberty to stake a significant amount on Eth, as the market can take a deep plunge anytime.   

Experts suggest diversifying your portfolio so that your hard-earned money is not subjected to the crypto market’s uncertainty.   

Breaking the Myths surrounding the merge! 

Since the merge news made headlines, some misconceptions started throwing waves of confusion and speculations among the crypto community. Let’s take a look at them. 

Myth1: Post merge validators won’t receive ETH rewards  

Fact: This is a piece of fake news! The validator will credit the rewards or fees associated with ETH to a mainnet account. The Beacon Chain is where the newly issued ETH from staking or mining will be held. The validator has a unique address that contains its staked ETH and protocol rewards.  

Myth 2: Gas fees will reduce  

If you heard about the reduction in the gas fees after Ethereum takes on a new avatar, please don’t believe such news. This merge means switching to a new mechanism that will not impact network capacity; hence, gas fees won’t be affected.  

Myth 3: Transaction will speed up post-merge  

Ethereum blockchain’s switch from mining to staking will bring changes; however, transaction speed will remain the same. On the proof-of-stake model, 10% more blocks will be produced, which the users might not feel.   

If you heard about the reduction in the gas fees after Ethereum takes on a new avatar, please don’t believe such news. This merge means switching to a new mechanism that will not impact network capacity; hence, gas fees won’t be affected.  

The crypto community is waiting for quite a long time for the historic shift to staking to happen in the Ethereum blockchain; hopefully, August brings new hope. Experts believe staking will bring significant lucrative changes to the network.  

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