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Email Addresses Of Customers Of OpenSea Got Leaked Overnight: Racket Revealed

The famous NFT marketplace ‘Opensea’ falls prey to phishing; customers’ emails were hacked overnight. The customer’s email address was leaked to a third party as a result of the breach. Reports claim that an employee of OpenSea shared emails with an outsider that led to the incident. The officials recently announced that they informed the law enforcement officials about it, and an investigation is being carried out.   

When undermining the reason behind such a shameful happening, officials at OpenSea told a news daily that an employee from email delivery vendor Customer.ai took the liberty of his/her access to email addresses. The individual then shared the data with an unauthorized third party.   

Due to an employee’s unethical act, the customers got into trouble because now their personal information lies with hackers. Since the incident occurred, people complained of receiving continuous messages, emails and phone calls from unknown folks, which is worrisome to them.   

The authorities issued a blog post as users took to their Twitter and other social media to spread the news and raise brows at the biggest NFT marketplace. The post shared tips with users on the right way to detect phishing mail and how to keep confidential information from hacking. OpenSea warned users not to share private keys or open any URLs they receive in the mail.   

Well, this was not the first time this popular NFT marketplace came under the scanner of scammers. In January, hackers sold NFTs from their marketplace. May brought another shocker for the authorities when an employee was caught red-handedly for illegal trading.  

If you are one of those who are receiving mail, calls and texts from OpenSea asking for your confidential information, please immediately report to the authorities.   

Investigations are being conducted, and hopefully, the culprit will be behind bars soon.  

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