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Comic-Con Guru Explains How Storytelling Is Critical To Successful NFT Projects 

From time immemorial, storytelling has been used to share information and educate communities; its traces are now visible in NFTs. Recently, the famous Comic-Con, Gareb Shamus, explained how he used the power of storytelling to grab the audience’s attention and made a “creator world” that helps to grow communities. His comic newsletter perhaps laid the stepping stone for the famous Wizard magazine.   

In Shamus’ opinion, Wizard magazine acted as a mouthpiece for his inner desires and imagination, which he shared with people. In a weekly episode of NFT Sheez, whereby topics related to NFT and Web3 are discussed interactively, Shamus talked about the relevance of storytelling in creating successful NFTs.   

While speaking on the topic, he thoroughly shared his experience when he sought billions of people’s attention by nicely weaving a beautiful story that appeals to the masses. The episode even undertook an in-depth analysis of the relationship between NFTs and comics.   

About Kumite NFT project  

Shamus drew the crypto community’s and NFT enthusiasts’ attention by offering a deeper insight into the new Kumite NFT project that will use storytelling for engagement. Kumite project will take the audience on a mystic, adventurous and heroic journey. The story offers multiple dimensions and viewpoints to hold people’s attention.   

HeroMaker studios made its debut in NFT with Kumite. You will get the NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and a total of 9600 art pieces are available. Currently, this NFT is sold at 0.08ETH.  

As per the collection’s initiator, gaming mechanics remained crucial in developing this NFT. This gaming mechanic enables players to participate and recognize that the story is not linear. This is because the community can participate and have a say in how the story will develop.  

How can an impactful story make your NFTs valuable?  

Non-fungible tokens are gradually gaining prominence due to their uniqueness and creativeness. Since the digital art wave is sweeping the crypto market, selling a collection successfully requires creators to offer something engaging to audiences.   

Let’s go as per the views of Shamus. He’s correct in believing that the art of storytelling helps in winning over audiences, thereby increasing the sales of an NFT collection. In this respect, storytelling seems to be a well-known tactic to reach the masses because stories are relished and cherished by every generation.   

When you add a compelling storyline to your non-fungible tokens, there remains a high chance that people will remember your collection. Well, those kiddish shark sniffing blood stories won’t be acceptable to the crypto community. So, try out an inspirational or even a comic story that can serve your purpose of engaging audiences. It will help you gain more traction and sales.   

What does the future hold for NFTs?  

Shamus suggested that future trends for non-fungible tokens and the community will likely include a code of conduct. However, the ultimate goal in exploring this uncharted territory is to allow people to “explore their creativity.”  

According to the comic–con founder, creativity should be beyond any restrictions and must break stereotypes. Shamus wishes that the NFT holders develop and create their respective favorite characters in the story to enhance engagement rates. Furthermore, Shamus feels that the magical element in limitless creativity is that you never know where it is heading, and there lies the fun.   

If you are excited to learn more about storytelling and its impact on the non-fungible token, never miss any episode from NFT Sheez. We believe the ongoing development of the Web3 platform is proving fruitful for the crypto community; it awaits more evolutions in the future.   

As a passionate content writer, she is always eager to explore new topics. Through her blogs on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), she intends to help newbies gain a better understanding of the crypto world.


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