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Barbie Forays Into The World Of NFTs To Support Women 


Barbie, a fashion doll that touched numerous children’s hearts over the last 63 years, is now on NFT. Mattel Inc, the manufacturer of this stylish doll, has forayed into the non-fungible tokens. It won’t be wrong to say that a digital art wave is experienced worldwide; brands are expressing an ardent love for creating themes and art pieces that artistically reflect their brand image.   

Barbie NFTs empowering women  

Barbie collaborated with Boss Beauties, an NFT project whose sole purpose is to empower women through the creation of beautiful digital art pieces. The collection was launched on Internation girl child day; it features 15,000 tokens, each carrying a career option women can pursue, from astronauts and CEOs to archaeologists.   

The motto is to help women realize they can achieve what they want. Art pieces showcase barbies in 250 professional traits. Per reports, both firms will donate $250,000, which will be used for a Barbie Dream Gap project, another global initiative to support girls in achieving their dreams. Following the NFT launch, some virtual educative sessions will be organized whereby women across the globe can take part and hear from leaders concerning career opportunities.  

Barbie and Boss Beauties heading to philanthropy  

While speaking over the digital art collection, Lisa McKnight, the global head and vice president at Barbie & Dolls, Mattel, said they feel delighted to be a part of this philanthropic project. She further mentioned that their brand consistently portrays an ardent desire to help women grow in their chosen fields. The objective behind NFT is that a girl can be anything from a football player to a scientist and doctor. They intend to celebrate the 250 careers women can pursue.   

The brand finds the project a fantastic opportunity to emotionally connect with customers and help girls confidently pursue their dreams. Boss Beauties and Barbie share a common passion that has made the project happen.   

Buying this NFT collection will bestow upon you the honor of becoming a part of women’s empowerment. Your contribution will enable many women to achieve their goals. Order the digital arts from OpenSea.   

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