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TCO provides a great opportunity for companies to advertise their product, services or business in an online magazine. The magazine has a wide audience of people interested in new technologies and innovative solutions. TCO offers high-quality advertising packages at affordable prices.

Why TCO? is a new e-magazine that covers the latest happenings in the crypto world and informs crypto enthusiasts about blockchain technology in a simplified manner. Our blogs and news articles are thoroughly researched by the editorial team before publication because we are committed to providing accurate information to people.

For advertising with us, you can choose from a wide range of options. Let’s have a look.

  • Text Link 

Text link ads contain text that is hyperlinked to another website. This ad helps a marketer promote their brands conveniently and cost-effectively. Flexibility is guaranteed with a Text link ad because one can make more copies, and it is pretty simple to change the message anytime without much hassle.

  • Full page ad 

Full-page ads are one of our website’s specialties, and you can find them often. However, it’s a bit costlier than the link ads but can drive more leads. We will add an attention-seeking image of our choice. 

  • Banner Ad 

Banner ads are the most effective way to generate leads. Convey your requirements, and we will design the ad as per your preference. We will post it on the top and bottom of our website. The charges will be a bit high but more leads are guaranteed.

  • Sponsored articles 

An article about your new product/ service addition or a blog that offers a great insight into your brand’s relevance on another website is another compelling idea to increase visibility. We publish your article after it has been thoroughly checked by our editorial team, if it doesn’t align with our policies, it will be rejected.

  • Use cases 

A brief conveying your target audiences on how your company can help in resolving any challenges faced by industry in your niche. We will add a disclaimer on use cases to clarify that it’s promotional content. 

  • Lead generation ads 

A visually impactful advertisement emphasizing your brand's value can help you get desired leads. We will regularly post lead generation ads at the top of our website so your business can get maximum visibility.

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