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McCain Foods Debuts in the Metaverse

McCain foods collaborated with Roblox and Bored & Hungry restaurant. They will launch regen fries, made using the regenerative farming technique.

Coca-Cola partnered with TMELAND to build Metaverse

Coca-Cola plans to open metaverse space by teaming up with TMELAND. People will experience entertainment packages from games and avatar creation to photo sessions.

Rick Ross joined leagues with HitPiece for the NFT launch

Rick Ross joined leagues with HitPiece for the NFT launch. 200-NFT limited collection will allow you to visit Ross's "promise land".

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Madhubani NFTs – A tribute to traditional Indian Art

Madhubani NFTs is a unique collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) created by DigiSmiths agency which highlights the rich cultural heritage of Madhubani art in India. The vibrant collection pays tribute to the traditional Indian practice...

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